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Valet Mate

Paperless Mobile System For Valet Parking Operations

When customers arrive at the valet, their mobile phone number is entered into ElimiWait’s Valet Mate system which immediately sends a text to the customer with their valet ticket number and a link to request their car when they are ready for pickup. A complete list of vehicle related data – make, color, pictures of damages, etc – can be captured by the parking attendant. All attendant touch points for each vehicle are recorded. Customers receive a survey after checkout and all data is analyzed to provide better insight into how your valet location is running.

Valet Mate - Ticketless Valet Parking Software

How It Works


Customer and vehicle data is entered

into the Valet Mate system and a

paperless ticket is texted to the guest


All attendant touch points with each

vehicle are recorded and tracked for

reporting and sanalytical purposes.


Customers can request their vehicle

and pay remotely before they arrive

at the valet location.


All aspects of the valet process – ticket number, damages, vehicle info, etc are captured and stored in the Valet Mate mobile and back-end systems.
Text Me! No More Paper Tickets
Valet ticket numbers are texted to the customer upon check-in, including a link for the customer to request their car before they arrive back at the valet stand for pickup.
Hang Tags and Key Tags
Each customer’s digital valet ticket number has a matching hang tag displayed in the vehicle and a matching key tag at the valet stand attached the vehicle’s keys
Automated Reporting

Daily reports are automatically emailed to the appropriate recipients. Graphs, charts and full dashboard analysis of all the day’s activities are at your fingertips.

Data Mining - Know Exactly What Is Happening
Have access to more data then ever before. Who parked the most cars? When was the valet busiest? The more you know, the better you can run your business.
Surveys! What Do Your Customers Think?
Ask them! Fully customizable surveys can be sent to each customer after checkout. Share and analyze survey results with your staff and clients.

Elimiwait Valet Parking App offer a Ticketless/Contactless Parking Solution

Are you tired of the hassle and chaos that often accompany traditional parking systems? Look no further than Elimiwait – the beacon of innovation in the realm of valet parking management. Allow us to introduce you to the future of valet parking with our revolutionary valet parking software.

Discover the Evolution: Valet Parking 2.0

At Elimiwait, we don’t just offer software; we present an entirely new dimension of convenience and efficiency. Our valet parking software transcends the limitations of conventional systems, providing your customers with a seamless, ticketless, and paperless experience. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of lost tickets and the environmental burden of paper wastage – Elimiwait is here to redefine the valet parking landscape.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience: The Ticketless Wonder

Picture this: your customers glide into your establishment, and with a simple mobile valet app, their journey towards effortless parking begins. Our valet parking app eliminates the need for physical tickets, allowing your patrons to enjoy a seamless transition from arrival to parking, and finally to departure. It’s not just a mobile valet app; it’s a testament to modern convenience, putting the power of parking in the palm of your customers’ hands.

The Authority in Valet Management Software

In a world where seamless technology is not just an advantage but a necessity, Elimiwait stands tall as the authority in valet management software. Our team of experts has meticulously crafted a solution that caters to the specific needs of modern parking operations.

Drive into the Future with Elimiwait

Join the ranks of visionary establishments that have already embraced the future with Elimiwait. Our valet parking software is more than a tool – it’s a paradigm shift in how parking is managed. The inclusion of essential SEO keywords like “valet parking software,” “valet software,” and “mobile valet app” ensures that your customers find you effortlessly in the digital landscape.

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