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Valet Mate’s ticketless mobile software sends customers their valet tickets via text message to the mobile phone number they provide during check-in. The customizable welcome text allows the recipient to request their car and pay for parking before coming back to the valet. The digital ticket is linked to reusable hang tags, which replace the traditional three-part paper ticket. 


Data Driven

The Valet Mate mobile software solution provides access to a world of data. The large quantity of information gathered on every aspect of the valet process and each vehicle parked provides a wealth of insight into every aspect of the daily valet operations. 


Real-Time Analysis

ElimiWait’s backend dashboard and reporting system presents data in a comprehensive, yet approachable manner, and helps management understand where they can improve, enhance, and streamline valet parking operations. The reporting system allows filtered access to data, in real-time on any web-enabled device, based on assigned credentials.

Complete Revenue Control

Cash. Credit Card. Validation. Valet Mate includes a full revenue control module to manage any and all parking fees. Customers can pay for parking on their phone through the welcome text they receive at check-in or at the valet stand when retrieving their vehicle. Revenue and validation reporting can be automated for any shift or day, showing details of any and all tickets that payment was collected, including a breakdown of credit card types, cash, voids, and validations.

Know Your  Customers

ElimiWait’s proprietary survey module is implemented as part of Valet Mate at any location. Upon check-out, the mobile system sends a link to the customer with a customizable survey. Surveys can include questions about the quality of valet service or specifics about the business the valet service is being provided for, giving parking operators the ability to provide the location with valuable data analysis and metrics on their customers’ experiences. 

End-to-End Valet Management

ElimiWait’s valet parking management software is easy to install and easy to use. From check-in to check-out, the Valet Mate mobile system streamlines the valet parking process, gives in-depth insight into valet processes, and provides unparalleled data. Valet Mate offers a wide variety of functionality to meet the needs of any valet operation and improves the experience for the staff, the location, and the parkers while showing management its full value to their valet operations.

The Valet Mate mobile solution works with any and all locations utilizing valet services. Understanding that no two businesses are alike, the Valet Mate mobile system is customizable to match specific needs for each location serviced and adapts to any and all unique requirements.



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