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Valet Vision
Protect Against Fraudulent Damage Claims
How do you protect against fraudulent claims? Attendants can quickly take video and pictures of scratches and damages on cars when they are brought to the valet. Valet Vision is so simple to use that electronically capturing damages via a mobile device is completed in less than one minute. And what if a customer has a legitimate claim? There is no better way to record the damage so you have a true record of what happened. To complete the process, you can capture the customer's signature to confirm the data collected before sending the data to a searchable online portal.

How It Works


Attendants quickly and easily

take pictures and video

of any damages or scratches on a

customer’s car.


Attendants can add license plate

and ticket #’s to pictures and

video taken, and collect

customer’s signatures.


All pictures, video and customer

information collected are time

stamped and uploaded for the

Claims Department to access.


Take multiple pictures or videos quickly

Quick and Easy. The Valet Vision system was designed to be efficient and easy to use with just a few seconds needed to record the damage on cars as they arrive.

Upload to Claims Department

All pictures, video and customer information collected are uploaded to a searchable online portal that the Claims Department has access to.

Scan ticket number to assign images

Scan the valet ticket number or enter the monthly number of the associated car so pictures or video taken are immediately assigned to the correct customer.

Protection for hotel pickup claims

When picking up a car, record scratches and damages before leaving the hotel, to ensure protection against future claims made by hotel guests.

Take pictures and video of legitimate claims

Show exceptional customer service by recording and sending images of legitimate damages to the Claims Department to help process customer claims quickly.

Capture customer names and signatures

Capture customer names and obtain their signatures, so they acknowledge all damages electronically.