Valet Display

The Digital Whiteboard For Customer Pickup Requests

Monthly customers and attendants use the Valet Display system to enter vehicle pickup times. Gone are the days of manually writing requests on a whiteboard or chalkboard. Valet Display shows all pickups, by day, in chronological order and alerts the garage attendants before each pickup time. Customers can also text their pickup information directly to the screen and remotely change or cancel their pickups. Utilizing technology enhances both the procedures within the garage, and customer service.

How It Works


Customers or attendants enter

pickup requests into the Valet

Display screen or customers

text from their phones.


All pickup requests are

displayed on the

appropriate day, in

chronological order.s


The Valet Display

screen creates an alert

before each pickup

request time.


See seven days worth of requests

View an entire week’s requests, so the manager and garage attendants know exactly what the request activity for each day looks like.

Request Car Pickups via Text

Customers can text their #, pickup date and the time they want to pickup their car and their request will automatically populate on the Valet Display screen.

Remotely update pickup request details

Customers can change their pickup date or time, or cancel an existing request, all from their mobile phones, rather than calling the garage.

Pickup times displayed in chronological order

Attendants no longer have to scan the entire day’s list to make sure they haven’t missed a request. Requests are displayed in order by requested pickup time

Receive alerts for each requested pickup

Each request turns green 30 minutes before the pickup time and blinks 5 minutes before, so busy attendants are always reminded of the next scheduled request.

Enter the vehicle location of any car in the garage

Enter the location (floor #, section, etc) of where a vehicle is parked within the garage. Update the location as often as needed.