Command Center

The Digital Vehicle Request Control System

The Command Center receives, stores and displays pickup requests made by customers via a multitude of sources. Texts, Website and Hotel based requests are all accepted into the system and calls from customers can be directly entered. All requests are displayed in chronological order, providing the garage manager and attendants a schedule of all pickups requested for the day so the organization the Command Center provides makes managing all daily pickup requests a breeze!s

How It Works


Pickup requests are sent to the

Command Center via text, web, kiosk

and third party API, or are directly

entered into the touchscreen system.


Confirmations are sent back to

the customer and all requests are

displayed in chronological order,

by day and source.


Managers and attendants plan

for vehicle pickups based on the

schedule displayed in the system

for each day.


Data at your fingertips

Need to see a request from a previous day? Want to review requests received for this weekend? No problem. Just choose the day you want to display and all the information is right in front of you.

Track the pickup status of requested vehicles

Flag a vehicle when it is 'Ready' to be picked up and mark it as ‘Out’ once it has left the garage. Vehicles not picked up can be flagged as ‘No Show’.

Remotely update pickup request details

Customers can change their pickup date or time, or cancel an existing request, all from their mobile phones, rather than having to call the garage.

Requests from any source

Pickup requests can be made via text, web, kiosk, third party API, or can be directly entered into the touchscreen system. The system then displays which source each request came from and shows the details of each request.

Track Details of Hotel Pickup and Delivery Requests

Record which attendant handled each hotel request and when the attendant left the garage to pickup or deliver a vehicle.

Enter the vehicle location of any car in the garage

Enter the location (floor #, section, etc) of where a vehicle is parked within the garage. Update the location as often as needed.